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The Ghost on the way home....

Returning home after a long time. The country has had to live abroad due to the illusion of work - now, we are returning to the country after resigning from the job abroad.

| Colaba from Howrah Train From Colaghat to Launch. Gapiiganj Ghat - There is a walk of 3/4 mile from there to Sainakhali. .

I spent ten years in exile - who knows how many villages have changed. The launch did not leave at the right time. Because, it was afternoon. And the only one on this way is the launch. Second inclination without one. So, even if we are late, that's a launch. | It was late to leave the launch and reached the gate of Geyapiganj just in the evening. Rain in the sky At any moment the rain may start. The side by side of the cremation ground. If you get two companions, do not get hurt. :

| But there is no one to go to Sainakhali. Taking tea in the granary's store, I started walking with my own hands. What is the other way! It is not a city that can be found in tram-bus.

I'm walking alone. The rain started raining down a little. :

Think about the rain and do not go home. Let the clothes wet. | Not there. Going on the way - it does not make sense to go back to Gaepiganj again. No ganja There is no good deal, and there is no settlement for the hostels

3 Sitting down the bark of bark and mosquito bite is difficult. It's good to go crazy. Two hours after getting laid out, go home and relax.

We have been on the road with courage. There is no leakage on the way. All the houses in the village are melting in the house. Walking through the ground floor. Due to the fact that he was six months old

Getting up ..


Hah hah hah hi ye hear the word. Perhaps they are often heard in the word of the word that awkward words can sometimes be found.

The ground floor will be half a mile. About the middle of the field came. As far as I can hear from Kadakani or whispering.

| Everything in my mind is wrong in my mind. I think it's okay to come alone It was supposed to spend tonight in Gengiganj. | After years of returning to the country, I know how many unknown paths are unknown

Has gone.

| It's going on. The field does not end. Look at the watch and see. It's been seven and a half. What is he For one hour, we are walking with this field: - It should not take more than an hour to go for half a mile. But the path is not finished. Do not let the field go round.

Fear and panic - I'm gorgeous. But we're moving forward- that is what will happen. Suddenly, someone seems to be calling from behind. "And are you listening to mice?"

I have not responded to the first call, I have been moving forward. Call again "And listening to Misha?"

The lacte has pursued me, and there is no way back. At first thought I was a robber? | Then I have no objection to the situation of my mind - to get rid of the robber's hand.

Bhadralik has come near me. Curious Philosophy of an Old Man All over the white cloth. The robber is going well, because there is no tool in hand, there is no weapon. Moreover, no one is robbed by old age. But Bhadralike's behavior is a sudden emergence and forebands of doubt. Bhadralek again covered his face with a white cloth and covered him with a scarf. The face does not show well. The voice of the voice is a little weird He came near me and said, "Where are you going?" - Senakhali. I mean in his previous mound, going to Palashpur.

It was good to think in my mind, but a companion was found. But Bhadralek, who suddenly came to Kokhke, started thinking about this idea repeatedly.

Bhadralek again asked, "Do you have a house in Sainakhali?" I reply briefly: "Yes."

Even though Bhadralike was old, I was walking right in the same place with me. I see. And I'm surprised. Bhadralek went along and asked, "Do you know the name of your father?" | I call Bhadralike the name of my heavenly Father. . Bhodralek became intimate, "O, you son of Hemabu?" Do not you recognize me? "

I was out of the house and I do not remember everything. - I have a big girl's housewife on her side of her house, Haripad Chawki. Bhadralek laughs oddly awkwardly with his identity. No man can laugh like that, beyond my idea.

Haripad Chakkotti's son Bashu, with the help of Chakkoshiti, quarreled with our land and got no contact with them from abroad. Bhadralek must be the bride of honor.

"Bhadralek started moving ahead, I was stunned to follow him and I felt so much in my old age that he felt very unusual.

Crossing the plateau, we have now taken the path of mud of mangrove. Mathers are in many places on the way. Sometimes the mud until knee. Meanwhile, there was a rash of rain fall again. | But through the mud, he walked in the middle of the madraleake. But now I am not scared too much. | The way is slippery, and if the foot gets stuck, it is necessary to fall into the dump. I was about to fall in the back slab. Vadhlok took my hand back and pulled me back. He knew from the beginning that I would fall into this place. I got up, but Bhadralike's hand

Why so frosty It's cold like ice.

Bhadralek said: "The path is going on in the right direction, otherwise it will fall". It's night, rain on it For many days, there is no habit of walking on the path of Gayah.

A little later, the cremation ground of Ramharipur. Bhadralike near the cremation ground said, "You know, it is a crematorium. Look at this, the cheetah is burning here.

An eagle shouted. In a crematorium, the dog escaped the trail after seeing Bhadralike.

Bhadralek ha ha ha ha and haunted me. I woke up in awe.

Then Bhadralek again went on walking again. I started to follow him.

Then the condition of my mind is terrible.Badralike may be a housewife, but the head of Bhadralike must have a mess - the type of conversation is not normal at MAMAT. | Bhadralek continued to walk along the way: "The ghosts in the crematorium." Although frightened enough, the people of the twentieth century are 'ghosts' believe. Do not be shy to do this. So I say to Bhadralek, "I believe in these ghosts. No. "

Bhadralek khilera laughter laughing said, "Bhutra he did not read brother brother."

There is no ghost, so there is no question of ghosting. "Bhadralik continues to be in hahniyei, I stayed behind him, in front of me, the cemetery of Bhairabpur.

Padmagram only after Bhairabpur cremation, Palashpur, after Padmagram. After the Palashpur, only after Sandeshkhali-Sandeshkhali, Sainakhali.

Bhadralek will go to Palashpur. I have to go one more way alone. But there is no fear in that way.

A bamboo head has fallen off the bamboos on the way. Bhadralike showed bamboo and said, "There is a baby girl in this bamboo cluster. . Do not forget the bamboo dingo bhai, which will go to the trunk, and the bamboo will rise up. " Even if the ghost does not believe in granny, the older one should talk about the lick, so I can walk away from Basha.

After coming out of the bamboo side, Bhadralek told me, look at the back, brother!

Really, there are no bamboos on the road. Bamboo is up and down. I hear the khil khil smile of feminine voices from bamboo.

Bhadralek said, "That Shan Petton is smiling. One day, I will show my love to my grandmother that she will never be in danger. Today I will show you, you are with you. "

I do not believe in ghosts - but today I have seen and heard that I can not explain it with clarity.

Shortly thereafter, the cemetery of Bhairabpur came. The cremation took place during the day by passing this crematorium. - The old gentleman has gone before, I follow behind. The gap is very low. But what! I can not believe my eyes. Suddenly, Bhadralek disappeared from me.

I look so far But he's not anywhere. Tartal branches An owl is sitting in an awkward way. Far away from the fox. In all, it is a strange situation.

| I cried loudly: "Jamai Babu, where is Jamai Babu Jamai Babu?"

| The answer to my call - from the cremation comes a laughable laugh. My body becomes thorny in fear. We feel terrible in our body.

I ran in front of my head, I had fallen behind my head in the mud - I ran out again.

Who knows how much time has passed. We came to a house and cried out unconscious.

After a long time my knowledge came back. Makhamakhi all over the mud The house where I fall unconscious in front of the Padmagara - Vishu Paddaddar Bishu Paddadar is very familiar to my father. He gave me a lantern with lanterns. The lacte gives me the news of my home. The night is nine and a half. | Mother was surprised to see me like that. There is a little trouble in his pancake.

The mother did not follow: Eli after so many days. One has to come home with a letter. If you know how to do it, I would send him to Gazibaganj. But what is the condition of the situation?

| Talk to my mother openly. When I hear all my mother's eyes on the forehead, I said something unbelievable.

Quietly silent mother said: "Survived in a great deal." Haripada Chanchiki. Her daughter Manrama is no longer in Palashpur. Children were blinded by the difficult rugs long ago. Then one day died by heartfelt.

I am surprised to hear about the mother. Almost two miles the way, did I come with the body of a ghost? | Her awkward whistle, weird voice and laughter - I can not forget the yoke at all. If you do not have a ghost - it is not possible to run on the muddy path in the old age, it is not possible for a man to run.

Then suddenly the disappearance of Bhairabpur near the crematorium disappeared. Why? | I can not explain it with intelligence.

Author : Shambhunath Bonik
Date : 2019-07-13 05:25:32

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