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The story of strange ghosts

The night is not more than that. Barely ..

Damadera Chakraborty of our village died after the ragavaghera. Want a death certificate for cremation? This certificate will give the region chief according to the rules. At that time our chief was Amiya Das. For taking this certificate on my responsibility. Do not say 'no' in this case, so let's go away.

Amiya is again a friend of Chatebel. The student was quite meritorious as well. I have lived many times in his house. But going to the other times and going to today is not the same. Today we will go back to the death certificate certification, but will go to cremate the grapefruit Gammaia. "I took a shortcut from the mukhali road, I saw a little bit of the road, so I did not take a corner in the corner, there was no partner, no one was in the middle, a banyan tree and an uneven tree, along with the stairs, If you see it from a distance, you will feel like this: the front is empty, sometimes there is a puja.

Nose? What is doing

I came to eat and wept. Okay Who is the lacata? What is the way it is uprooted?

Who said? Who are you? He said - I nandigaila cock -What are you doing? -Well the two.



'I'm a little relieved to hear the lecture. But I did not know the Nanda Gaala Laikata So I felt the need to ask something extra.

Lets have to sing. The sound of milk in the bucket is crisp. I went ahead.

Nand said, what is the stomach, the stomach has taken away? I said you know Chakra-Damadar Chakraborty? Nand said -Leveled sugar. This came a little earlier. -Tamera came near Who came?

That's what they do. Saying, I was suffering from the loss of the nandada For a long time, the people of the house do not care about the job. Live dead

Nand Gaala Laikata mad? Think of the tree as a result of the tree? The lacata that has taken the body tonight at 8 o'clock After the death has met! All in all

Again, I stepped back to the call - this is not to hear that, brother .. Standing down. I said, "what will you say?" Nanda said - he did not have a certificate from Tommadar. -What is the crazy madness His wife is still alive here. - It's alive. But you will notice that the puddle has swung.

No, really crazy light. Well, people say goodbye, whether his death

Certificate Enhance

• I did not stand up for madness. I pushed the legs loudly

When Amiya reached the house, at about ten in the night. Amiya is doing ayah to eat food. I responded, who said? I said the name. Call me in. What is the matter? At night? I said all. Write a non-certified certificate. . I said that Amiya, Nand Gaala, someone like sugar, you? - Amiya said-why not Chinba? But it was three months before the death. Has gone.

died! Amiya said. But why ray? | That happened a little earlier, all I said to Amiya. All of us were amazed by the horror of Amiya Bolleeti Ray. Very stressed survivors. Do not go back and forth during the return-that road will go away.

I was just asabaye said, at that time my two niece Panchu and Madhu came. I am surprised I said, why are they again Eli?

| I am shocked to hear what they said in response to my question. I read. If they say - they were killed by father Hattafal, father of his father. He wants a certificate for him too. So we came in

Do not move away from me in your face, as if speech is abrogated. I have read. | Amiya said, I want a separate certificate for him. They said, nowadays.

I have been thinking about how Nanda Gaala is in the window that the father of Tagore's wife will die today? In the minds of the whole family, they have some unknown to them

Words. They will all know, they can see everything. They are demonic spirits. They do not know. When we come back with the certificate, mango

At Leba, Amiya once again said. Going on the way, Nakinu will go on a paved road. If the torch is needed, then take my torch. Send someone tomorrow with somebody. | I did not say, yes, torch will not be needed anymore.

Author : Tara Kumar Bhattacharyya
Date : 2019-07-14 08:22:18

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