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Ghost marriage

A Shakyuni is living on a banyan tree in a gum named Zebnat. Shakakuni From there, looking at the people, how beautiful are the married people, Rakshas Or the one who gets married to a taxi, goes to his house. They also want to marry them

A little happily in a world of ecstasy, but sorrow is just that Shakuntali is such that the parmanu Beautiful His skin color is very black, his teeth are very high. All of them are scared away when they are scared away. In such a situation, will he marry easily?

As much as the sankkunni crying. Am I lucky that someone would love me or will not marry? Oh God, you want to raise a little face! I was so easily married.

Many people in the world, such as kala girls do not want to get married easily. | At the time of marriage, there are many obstacles, just like Shakuni's life.

| Shakuchuni is very nice to be in Sajguje, many people will be able to run the whole body on one side after one ghost. If a ghost please love him Marriage, but his life will be blessed.

"Thinking about such things, Shakakuni first came to Mamdo Bhoot. Mamdo is a bamboo tree Bamagacha sit mamdo screaming scurry, | And eating a banana. Shakakuni saw her a little shy shamefully face

By saying, Mam

Allee, Mamdo Teema is very good to me, how beautiful you look

-Mamado said to the ghost, so you did not talk to him, what do you think today is the spinach?

If you marry me, then my name is lost in my eyebrows. I do not get married, but my life is lost in this way

What a sudden i think

| Ami

- He's dead? What are you talking about I think of them. I want to marry me in the last days. Other ghosts will listen to 2. Do not say anything like that What to say And I will not say such a thing. . - Sakkineni said to hear, then you see a boy for me! | I get a little peace by getting married.

I do not know the kind of ghost boy. Try it out If there is any disadvantage then do not see it.

Shakakuni understood, 'It is not a ghost to elaborate. I have seen people go hungry, and I go to the ghondo ghatha of the mango. He will agree.

Gamedo was eating straw mangoes in a hunger strike. Shakakuni saw him from a distance, married one runway and went crazy.

When you see ghaddo ghost, he said, 'I am going to run here.' Why is it? Nobody chased him?

. Shankabuni said to hear or not! There is a special need for you Came here If you keep talking, then you open the mouth and say.

| When Gomdo heard the ghost, when he said hello, no shame, no benefit. My time but very few in hand.

Did you say This is my great choice. I do not know if you like me? If you like me, then you will marry me?

| Gomdo, after hearing about Sakakuni, said in a chatter, who told me that my choice? Who said he is a shepherd. There is nothing to be said about his taste. If you do not say that. I did not say to anyone in the garden of spinach. My big task is to do so

Let us live happily and live happily with people. It does not look good alone from the branches of trees. So you too Do not eat at the time. If you have a wife, you can get that facility very easily. I cooked it in time and cooked it. You eat honey in happiness, you go to work for the work. Songs will sing songs and songs. Will be cut off on a happy day.

| Gomdo thought about listening to Sakakuni, thinking that this Shakunami would look ugly. How can I do this with my family? What do you say when you see the ghosts? In the last days, Gamdo witch has married an ugly Shakin-kani, but how do I say this in the face of it? Although the truth is true, it means that someone is ugly on the face, because it means pain in his mind, so it is not like Gumdo is a ghost, not like it. But I'm not easy to get married. | Not that he is not happy, Shakakunni's heart is very happy. She thinks she likes Gamao, very much like her. He can not just speak in shame, so he Gomado's hand grabbed his hand and said, 'You do not have to be ashamed, I love you very much, I have been hiding in tema for a long time. You're ready to agree.

I do not know if she gets pain due to gamadasakona, I have said that I have married. You did not know me so much, I would have thought otherwise. There is no way now. Guay Petite My Lady If you can find me, you will crush me in a piece. | He was frustrated when Sakakuni Gomdo got married and said, You are | I do not know how much I love them.

Gomdo says to the ghost, there is a lot of ghosts, do not go to the ghoul of the violin player jagachas It can also be seen if you see them. And artist, ghost, humorous person. There is grace Maya in Paranat. You can choose to see them.

Shakuchuni thinks, 'A' will not marry me. So instead of watching the violin player go to the ghost and go to the ghost.

| Thinking of this time, Shakuni came to the player of the junkyard violin. The ghost of Jamagacha kept the violin with a flute of a bamboo while playing the tunes of the clouds. He heard the tune of Shakyunki madness. this

She has to get married. It is trick, that is, by any means, he has no words, so he said loudly, "I am never heard of the beauty of the flute, the beautiful melodious mind. I did not stay in the house after hearing the tamas flute and then ran away. Where do you learn the tunes? | Jamagachha ghosts are very funny When he heard about Sakakuni and realized that, 'A' came up with a purpose, so I jokingly said, I learned this tune to his father. | When Sakakunya heard it, I knew 'A' tune, except my father, nobody knows. Actually my dad was a very mad man. Teema has given good training. It is my father's disciple! What did you say

- Yes, it's a disciple. You said it now, what is the reason for the arrival of Tema? | Shakakoni swallowed a cock well and said, I heard tamas flute I am so impressed that without understanding, I understand and do not live. You little me

- | Kindness -

Who said this to the ghosts of Jagamacha, I would not have compassion either. Thousands of you are my guru daughter!

| Sakakuni is very happy. In front of the ghosts of jagacha, he said, | Ghost is my love, if you marry me, I feel happy about my life,

Do So do the flowers with garland .. | He heard the ghosts of the jagasake, he kikatha? Nobody married the gyakna, without telling the teacher? The guru will not curse? -

| Shakuni said, she is not afraid! I do not have any reason to worry about my father just because you give him the opinion. Please give it to you Laksmi Look at me at all.

Zugachha's ghosts smiled and said, whispering at first, I saw a great marriage madly. How can it be frozen ray dad I said with stammering, Tame's father

I learned about. Immediately believe. | Shakyuniyamagamacharakamagacharakabacharakale not looking at, whispering katumi? Nothing is saying it in front of me. What is the tamara again? Listen When I was feeling awake in my mind, I am just like that

Married, but there are some conditions. | Shakuni got up and said, tame

Agree You just said, what are the conditions of the tamara?

| Sakhechuni got up and said, 'I have to accept all the conditions that are there.'

| The violin player is the ghost, the first condition is changed, the banquet nose that has to be changed, it must be changed, otherwise I would like to do other ghost artists.

Do not be shy. | It's okay to say that once you have a good hand in the bowl of Shakkiranira,

Now the next condition. |, The artists of the gymnasium are artificial, after which the condition is reduced, they are. The elephant's teeth are out of the teeth, and they also change them

Will be. Unless you are laughing, you do not like it. How to talk It looks like! | Shakuni said, okay, anymore?

The zombies ghosts, and special! Though TEMA eyes are two quite well. Oh oh! But I do not like it right, it must be changed. | Shakkunni thinks, 'A' is a bigger devil than a human. - If everyone accepts good, then who will accept evil?

. If there is no darkness, or who will do? It's okay. TEMAR | 'A' day will not be there. The disciple of my father. You do not belong to your father's nails Where is Hanuman Bhooter?

Whatever Shakik thinks about such things, Shakuni understands, 'All of this'. It is impossible to obey the conditions. So it goes silently without saying anything else.

In this way, Shakuni came back from the ghosts of mind and started thinking about the ghosts. Going to Brahmaditya of the Bakul tree. See how his heart is? Do not ohunadaradera good eyes do not hate?

| Thinking about seven such words, Shankkunni started walking towards the bottom of the tree and started calling for brahmaditya. | Brahmaditya was completely happy sleeping at peace. Ashamed to call him, he went to sleep comfortably. As a result, he became angry and said, Who is Ray? Are you Why is my sleeping out in such a way? It's my body terrible bad, her: bother on.

Shakuchuny lovingly said sweetly, I sing Shakkineni. I came to the special need once.

Brahmaditya gambhira throat throat voice, what is needed? Speak up quickly. I do not feel good at all now Getting very sleepy | Shakuni said, I came to Tema with great hope. If you are not angry then say so. I promise you will not be angry. Then I have a proposal. | Brahmaditya, talked hastily - what is the proposal of TEMA? My body is not good Being disturbed is very disturbing. | Sakakuni asked to laugh and make a laugh, Brahmdatti Thakur. Will you marry me I am very much married to my family. * Shakunyani heard of such sudden sudden and said that the courage is not bad; I am a Brahmin Brahmditti. You want to marry me. They are so brave. What is the shakebanki of the small species? Azadam broke his head but let him go.

| Speaking in the spirit of Shakununichi caste, he said, when the lower caste ghosts catch fish with fish and sell them in the market, they are not ashamed to buy it. - When fruits, paddy, produce different types of food and then sell them ashamed to eat

. I do not think once again, it is the production of low caste ghosts, play games Have to go? The big road is made of clay, who made it? Do not even think of walking while walking over him, that's made of the lower cast? If you walk over it, then you will become a lower cast! Living here with such mentality. If I marry Brahmaditya, then I will have to face much disaster. Although I am shakwani, I do not think it is wrong, but I am saying that you are unfit to me, it is wrong to offer my marriage to Tema. Can you say that

Brahmaditya got angry and said, I did not go to Tema, the proposal of marriage, you came. So there is no need to say so much. Cut off the best of the good from here. Absolutely humiliating.

Sankkunni is very sad to get back from Brahmandati and sitting in the bamboo and sitting in a lot of thinking. Finally he thought, if he is married then he will marry

He will marry a man. And ghosts, ghosts, or monks or kings

Bhat-ghost-bharmityi Do not think that the king will not marry. They are all the lower minds? "So He will waste time in search of people, not rotting behind the other side of the hallway, will not waste time.

• Every day, after a good start, sitting on a bench on the bank of the Harbour River in Segeguje.

Likewise many people laugh at seeing Sakakunni sitting on the river every evening. Some ridiculed him saying that she is sitting here today in the Sejigues, and looking at the boys how awkwardly they look.

• All the people in Shakakuny see them and avoid the nose seat. I feel sad about my ugly beginner in my anger with anger. Sometimes it seems that these lacquilla heads are chipped, but if they do, they will not get married. So she silently tolerates the eyes of many people who are hated. Hopefully a man like a man will surely get it as a groom. Not everyone will surely push him. One day, one man on his forehead went to the people. | One day Dhananjay Rana, a son, a beggar with eight pennies. - I do not have any special money. The money was my Tiffin food penny. If you have not eaten anything today, then you can buy whatever you can with this penny and eat it. Although there are no prices in eight days, nothing happens with 'O', well .... | Shakakunee, sitting away from the 'A' scene and listening to Dhananjay's words.

Shakuchunimanamane mind, there is everything in this lacenta mind kindness. 'A' me too Please also accept it. It seems to be 'people' in the real human opinion.

With this thought, Shakun-ji was sitting where he was sitting and said to the beggar, There is no food today. Here, I give two money to the tema. Eat whiskey and buy it.

If you think you can give more money or money, but Dhananjay. | Rana should do some way. Thinking about these things, he paid a little bit of money or money. | Then look at Dhananjay and say, your food for the food

He has given it to the beggar. So let us go to a shop and take some Tiffin.

Dhananjay Shakunyuni got very shy to hear this statement. Nanan why do you eat tiny me? You do not know, I do not know -1. Shakakuni said, and did not say what is right. I am telling that the unknown is to be recognized. Tell the world everyone is unknowable, born and known. Come on! Let's go 'The Baleskasunnani, by the hand of Dhananjay, went to a restaurant, shop Tell the employee, two of the four vegetable chop, and two in two places Go to the left side of Maagalai.

Shakhani, on the table with the order of the shop staff The order passed by the food.

| Dhananjay got very hungry. Thinking in mind ---- God does what is good for the soul. It is good to meet them and fill them with stomach in the mouth of the dead. Well, the stranger is feeding me to the lady. Thinking this time, thinking that he will not say what he says, without finding out, where is your home?

Shakuni, in my house, Zianechi. I came here to visit. | Talk to you about your beautiful use of a beggar Wish to do

Asked to hear Dhananjay, what is your name?

Shakakonai thinks a long time She will tell her the thought of marriage, she will say later. No, it does not need to be well-matched before, so he is able to make a good sense of well-being, I can not see it very beautiful, but his father is very beautiful in the eyes of his father, like an owl, he is beautiful, but his son to the owl or the penguin As beautiful, I was beautiful even though I was blind in my father's eyes. Parents have named him beautifully named Sakakuni. | Dhananjay Shankeny Shakuni, who is Gadabi. He was a little surprised. Thinking that, if I say something about 'A', then I may feel pain. I say it The illusory, so turn it around and say very beautifully,

Everybody in the world does not grow in the sunshine. The manner in which God created them is as such.

After hearing the words of Shakunwani, Dhananjay, it is understandable that, when E'suage leaves, it can not be easily said. So he said, I know that I am ugly to see in the kala, nobody wants to marry me. | Dhananjay said, how are you? Seeing your use I think I saw this first in the beautiful world of your mind. I have not seen such a beautiful woman before. If you just look beautiful, no one is beautiful or beautiful, it is not so beautiful or beautiful.

Embarrassed by the emotional voice, you will marry me? Dhananjay said, what are you saying?

Shakuni said, she could say great things, give great knowledge, but if she wants to marry, seven steps are lagged behind. | When I heard Dhananjay Shakuni, I was very poor and said, I am poor and still unemployed. Still no action.

Shakuni said, "How can I run the family?" This is saying, okay I did not do it. There is nothing to think about. You say you will marry me only, I will change the life of Toma.

Dhananjay say to you, say, Sakakuni, you got frustrated and said, okay I agree to marry you. You are happy .. | Shakuchuni danced in the lounge and said, 'A'khushira is not happy. Today I found a great man's vision. Everyone will marry beautiful women, but who will marry the ill women? By saying this, Shakunwani bowed on Dhananjay's feet and said - Dear, you are not me and you do not. Call me you Then one day, on the happy day, Shakkunni and Dhananjay's wedding day just fine.

| Shakakuni overnight in a big house in Banale Zianch Invited those demons and demons Those who did not want him a day in beta.

| Wedding Day A whole wedding home is full of noise. From the people, all the ghosts and demons came in Shakuni's marriage. Sanai

It's groaning. In the kitchen, from the Radha-Lavwi to the shrimp masala, till all the good bad food is being arranged. | From one of the important people of the village to the beginning, the ghosts and the ancestors After all Brahmaditya was eaten, Shakunwani and Dhananjay got married.

. All the mother-in-law Shakuni was jealous in her mind. They thought in their minds, how did the shakhkunni get such a beautiful groom? What is the groom? Are you fascinated to see the 'A' look? | By seeing the eyes and the behavior of all the people, Shakunchyan, everyone wants to know? So he opened the veil of his face and called everyone, know that nobody wanted to marry me. I am unknowable because of the other species of ghosts, ghosts turned away from ghosts after seeing me many ghosts. But this Dhananjay has married me in great joy. 'Even' in the eyes of others, I am so big, my eyes are huge. My hundred million bowl on its feet. | When the marriage ended, all of them returned to their home or shelter ... Shankchuni and Dhananjay are happily living in the zyanch. There is no pain in Shakuni's mind. Today, he has crossed the river for many sorrow.

Author : Tara Kumar Bhattacharyya
Date : 2019-07-14 06:28:34

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