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The son of the farmer and the ghost

The boy said, going to Hathola. There are so many people in the lakes that they can eat and drink.

| That is why they walked in the streets and walked on the road to the hats, and said with a mouth, one The hub, the two cooks, the ganga batakeake chewyake.

1. There is a lot of noise in the sky. Hat is so far away The head of the farmer's head is on the ground, the whole sweat is wet. Seeing a banyan tree on the way is good, take a bit of it in its shade, then go to the house.

| Even sitting on the tree, the farmer's son began looking at him and said, 'Take a meal, two meals, garnish the bat.' | Now what has happened, five ghosts live in that banyan tree. The five sons of the farmer would chew on the cheek, and they fell into the big thought. Thats, now what can be done? If that clay takes us away from us, it will be a big problem!

Then they sat in the lounge with five others and jumped off a tree and jumped into the tree in front of the farmer's son. Seeing the ghosts, the farmer's son is not afraid to tell. She did not shine like this, and did not surprise at all. • But when the ghosts said to the hand, please do not chew us, leave us with this. Then the son of the farmer had some courage in his mind. He asked, what do I do with this pouch?

The ghost said, Maher will fall in the opposite side of the pouch, and if you relax again, the total reading will stop.

--- See how I have lost my dear. | The son of the farmer began to rehearse the pouch and began to read Maher

Said the pouch, lifting the mahharas from the ground and said, okay, that's what. I left them. | The spirits went to the tree and jumped up. | The farmer's boyfriend was stopped. He poked his head and walked towards the house.

On his way, he had a friend's house. When he came in front of a friend's house, he felt that such a good news would not be given to a friend. This is the friend's house

The door shook hard. "The friend said to him, earning income, income from home. Have some news or ray?

The four sons said, yes, there is good news. You can not tell the news without telling. Look at this -

The moles began to fall on the pouch. Seeing the two eyes of the friend, it is chanabara. His eyes were flowing on Lave. He thought that such a thing was not in the bagal. He said, alas! Tomorrow's luck is very good, so got the things! What the hell! Come on, come home. Take a short time and then take it.

The farmer thought he was not bad. Good to go a little bit away.

He thought he was sitting in a friend's house. The friend said, brother, I fall asleep If you make a slight breeze, then the body of Tema will be cold.

The farmer's son fell asleep while falling asleep. Then what is friendliness, just one. Take a pouch to look like a farmer's son with a platter and take it back. . When the four boys were sleeping, the army went to the house with the bag and told the mother, what did mother bring? All our sorrows have been removed. . | Mother said, Kai, what did you bring?

-this is.. A bag in it - It's magic pouch mother. What is the quality of it!

The farmer's son threw the pouch. Alas, there is a man who is not reading. The blade began to glance over. But nothing

The mother asked, what is the ray, why it is bhadaris why? Tilak said, "It was my duty to prostrate, why did not you read it now?"

Mother read in a big thought and said, "Where did you go?" Did you? He has damaged his head! Throwing the threshee in the throat?

-My mother, that's right. I do not see how many of my pockets have been there since they have left it. Take this ...

There was no talk from the mother's mouth. The boy said, the spooky paje! Seeing me! Well! Mother said, scared again? Then you tell me everything, I'm coming.

By this, the farmer's son ran and ran to the tree and said, eat a meal, two meals, and eat five bits. One dough, two khabad, five bataiake ..

It started saying and started dancing around.

Thinking with the bogeys, let's live. But the man is theirs. | They did not think they would be coming back for a meal. They were scared again and jerked and jumped from the tree and came down and said, "Kurta, we gave you such a bag, Bau came to chew us again."



The farmer's son said, "Do not you eat them?" Tera muktikee, I gave a bad pouch. Two 'maher is not reading anymore!

The ghosts then said with a pot, but take it away. When you want to eat, you'll get it by hand.

The farmer said the boy! Let's see how we get! I want to eat latex, chana, rabri, rajbhayag, paisa.

By this he gave his hands in the pot and began to pick up a variety of things, and began to eat. Hey! What a beautiful dinner She did not eat such delicious food.

The demons asked, what kind of master, did we betray you? Okay, okay.

Saying the son of the farmer went away with the pot. When I was going in front of the friend's house, I thought that the pudding is not being played at all without showing it to the friend. Me

If you hear such fortune, then it will be fun when your friend will die of jealousy.

Thinking at the door of the friend, jumped hard.

The friend felt frightened at seeing him, thinking that, this ray, you came to pick up the pouch with 9 '' on the feet of the farmer. The face said, what brother, what do you think?

The farmer's son said, "Brother, how did you get the pot?" Tell me what you want to eat, and you'll get rid of all the pots.

So understand! I want to eat meat and eat now.

As it is said, the fragrance of meat and paleo was started in the pot.

The friend immediately took a dish from the house and sat down to eat. Then, at the same time, immediately after taking a pot, the son of the farmer turned around with the pot of potato.

The farmer's son, Sungyehiraditharul, mother, mother, see! Mother came out and bowed her head and said, 'I have brought elephants and horses.' -I've got the pot. The mother just stood up and said, will the khumanimajajarajajara fall in the pot?

The boy said, no mother, now it will not be like a bag. Say what do you want to eat All that I want to eat, I will turn it from all the pots.

'Ma said, the ghosts have seen that the head of it has completely ruined! Do not say what you want to eat?

- I want to eat one of the deadly bananas. 'The farmer's son has put his hand in the pot, but he is empty. Nothing is left from it. Mother said, Kai ray, banana ban.

• • The farmer's face is a pot. The ghosts again deceived him! But they can not even think of what they cheat. This time ago, the food was eaten by the friends and friends. Then our house is awe? And, once again, going to the house of Bharmagala. What is the matter of the bats, why is it?

| Then he went to Battagachtala and danced to the saying. The demons came to him and said, Why did you come again? You have two or two expensive things in it. Why did we want to eat?

"The farmer's son said in regime, do not eat it, what do you do? Do not chew it anymore - the cat will swallow the pack and swallow.

- Why did we blame, master?

I am constantly screaming. The mother did not eat the food from the pot, she wanted to eat banana, I could not give it. The eyes of one who is big, it is a big goal. Eyes bigger too big **

What are you saying? He said that there was no seahorse from the pouch, not after that from the patties - it was not like that. On the way to going home with pots and pots, did you go somewhere else? | The farmer's son said, yes, I went to a friend's house. | What is the smile that haunts the ghosts of ghosts. The farmer's son stood up and said, Tera smile that big? | The ghosts said, now it has been realized. Your friend has taken away the pouch, the bone, the pouch, and the pots. Well, let's arrange them all. Take this mugura you take. This muguru will bring your pouch and pots back.

| The son of the farmer also realized that yes, this is the devil's friend's job. He sleeps and he has changed the pot and the pouch.

He asked, what is the quality of this mugur? How would you earn them? | The ghosts said, you go to a friend's house and just say, start the mugur, and you will just smash your friend. Mugur stopped and gave two things back. Say, it will stop immediately. As long as you get back, the throats will continue, do you understand?

The son of the farmer laughing with laughter, he went to the friend and said, 'I have brought a very interesting thing to see the brother?' ,

- Let's see. Look at that. Mugurah said, and start the mugur!

Where is the limit! Mugur began to read dumadam on the friend's back. What is the meaning of bachari and laughing-mall ray! I got it! Oh! Oh! Oh !,

The farmer's son laughed, laughing at the potty and potty crunch!

The friend said, I give him two and return the brother, mugurake to stop! Oh, right? I died - I died!

-Then earn money with pots, then mugs stop. | Mugur's throats eat and drink, and the friend brings the pouch and the puddle. The son of the farmer began to read the pouch, and started talking to the potatari, came out of the pond. 2 | And the son of the farmer came to the house with the pots, pots and mugues. He became the richest in the country to see the thieves. Then what he said was not what he meant. From the landlord of village-Ganj to the king of the country

He started fame. The villagers of this village and village started coming often from the house, Rajamasai invited him to work occasionally. Started feeding

| In the meantime, one day the monarch raided the border with the Israeli border to attack this country. Thousands of soldiers gathered in that tent. Rajarabhai got confused by the news of this news. He does not have such an army like that foreign king, he can not understand how he understands. Then he called the son of the farmer and told the danger. The farmer's son said, no matter the king, I have arranged for all. . The king said, What else will you arrange? That king is terrible. His power is four times more than me!

- Well, see what I can do. I got them in two hours.

The son of the farmer took a gaara from the king and pressed it, started fluttering towards the border. When the enemy reached Mugur, he started mugur. Here all the soldiers are feudal, kill them all.

• An unusual thing happened. Thousands of thousands from a mugu. Thousands of soldiers were thrown out of the mugura. Hey, what's throating! Beaten all the bones of the soldiers together. Armed with weapons, they ran away and ran away. Many soldiers break in arms, break legs, break their heads. The king's head fell down on the ground and fell down on the ground. The farmer's son, Takhuni, rushed and tied him with ropes, then brought him to the king of this country. The king called the assassin and said, "Put this bat on the gallows." | Then the foreign king said with the king's hands and feet, "Do not kill me, Maharaj, this nose, I do not know how to do this, I do not want to do such work or anything."

. Then the king said, only if he said this, can not be forgiven. Then he showed the son of the farmer and said that if you give Tamera's daughter to this son and if you give it half the state, then you can forgive him, otherwise you will have to face it.

The foreign king said, what you are saying, the king will be.

Author : Tara Kumar Bhattacharyya
Date : 2019-07-14 02:46:48

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