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Professor Scratch

A story long ago today. There was a leech named Petok Goshti Thakur. At the age of about twenty-four years after the fatig gothi tagore In Calcutta, a special task will be taken to the village of 'Gohal' in Howrah district. There is a marriage to protect the invitation of the house. Mother has come, so there is no reason to worry. The reason of the thought was the only one, the one who was 'turning' was 'unemployed.' Also, when a poem is often used by friends and friends in Shanta. That poem is written by poet Sukanta Bhattacharya

| On the wall of the wall of the heart ..

| That's what I write.

I've got to score that score

| Freedom Pocket does not have the money to earn in your own pocket. Parents only had their trust. The dream was in the eye, the zodiac sign, after getting hit by the sweat, she said. How many treachery, how much deception, how many insults have to face, many times people have to endure. Bechari has to be deprived of getting a lot of money from being a protestor. But someone did not listen to him. The person against whom he spoke, also loved the man. Just protesting against his wrongdoing to purify, nobody can understand it even today. Very bad people from the country are very good

People also love equally this man is worth the money. If the debut of the whole countrymen can recognize it, the man is like!

| Today 'has left the long-lasting harvest of crops Ghashe, Purna Ghar, Bimalbhushan, Mani Datta, Debidas Chatterjee, and his father and Jethus, and many people of Ara. I'm not saying their name now, you can end it

. I do not know exactly how they loved them, but the perfume pitchers Goshy Tagore loved each one of them. Pitok Goshti Thakur little love Kangal Nobody can do this by paying money, and anyone who can make it go with love. In love, 'a slave who has bought a laity can go to A'. All the houses in the world are my house, who can say, to whom, who can be next? Everyone becomes theirs. But it was not in the mood of fate. | Well, remembering that the age was a little bit useless, a little bit of a temperament is very emotional. When a man heard a little more about this, he was in the heart of his great press. I tell that story now.

| After reaching Howrah station from Kolkata to Baganan, railway tickets were cut. After the ticket was cut, he slowly went 'and' in a room in the bus. After a while, a ghost of human beings came out with some lectures. The ghost is not so ghosts. Bhutta is a professor. The college professor of the college was a professor of pitok goshy tagore who studied in college. Name Ramdas Quality. He was a famous person in Hiray Nagar.

It is a good idea to teach night angle at the college ov-to-the-clock. All students of the class are absolutely silent. All the students of the classroom were so impressed by such beautiful learning. At the time, writing a note on paper threw a student student to a friend. Nobody can trick the eyes of the professor. He stopped reading. He chanted the chattat and gave a few words to the Bengali language. The words are my dear brothers and sisters. Where there are a hundred and twenty students sitting there. You can see the families of one hundred and twenty years of their behavior. As far as the good part of the TEMA is present, I see the face of each of your family members in your conduct. I do not want to say anything more than that. That is why he went out from the class room. All the students were shocked to hear shame from hearing the professor's words. . No one knows whether the professor has such a big deal, but it is not known but Petok Goshy. Thakur understood well

This is the Scratch Professor. He came in the room of the room and he was completely gluttony. In front of Goksai Tagore. Pitok Goshti Tagore could not recognize him. But the professor came to recognize him.

| This time the conversation started The professor stepped on the feet of the feet and jumped in the foot as he became disturbed in front of the fatwa Gausa Thakur. Pitok Goshti Thakur said, why shaking such foot? The professor started shaking his legs more than no answer. Patauk Goshti Tagore repeatedly did this and did not get the answer, after screaming, you will stop shaking your foot? The ghost professor said with great personality, if your body looks anywhere, then?

If the fatigued Gossa Thakur could not answer any more, how can the next Bhodralike be seized?

Patauk Goshey Thakur is in front of Bhadralek (the professor) Professor Panaranata is very loud but he continues.

Petok Goshti Thakur is thinking about it. I do not think I can not do anything. Thinking about Vivekananda, Subhas, Ravi Thakur, Nazrul, Bankim Chandra, Sarat Chandra etc., he remembered thinking about the great Tiger Ashutase of Bengal. Mukherjee's words.

. Ashutase Mukherjee of Bengal was going to the same room with one of his friends once. He had no choice but to put a pair of shoes on the shoes of Ashutas Mukherjee, so he dumped the pair out of the train's vanity.

Then he opened his coat and fell on one of the rooms in the room and slept. Ashutase Mukherjee suddenly saw that she did not have a pair of shoes in her closet. He realized that this is the stairs of his brother; so he threw his coat outside the train's room. He did not see the waking quote and asked him. Where was the quota? Ashutase Mukherjee said in the reply, your coat went to pair my shoes - to get it. All of his sibling moments were silent at the moment.

PETOOK GOSSI TAKKUR remembers those tangles of Bengal, and fix the front Bhadralike in Fella. Bhadralek is not there. Usage is worse than that of a man. Think of what to do.

Pitok Goshti Thakur opened the stomach of his feet, and once again started doing it, Bhadralek (the ghost), * once and for the professor's face.

After being silent, Bhutto professor Ramdas said, "What is it?"

Gotta Thakur said, you do not feel anywhere in the body. There is nothing to say. It's a primitive civilization that you learn.

Professor Professor smiled and did not walk, and kept quiet silently.

Pitok Goshti does not understand the meaning of smiling Thakur smile. That ghost Pateuk Goshti College teacher was still not able to find out. After a long time I told that incident.

| There was a lady in that train room. Woman's beauty was beautiful Benarisi sari. The vermilion of a large vermilion of the vermilion with a narrow diameter of the body of the skin. It is said in one word, in the words of Sitaah Dhaka. Even if you do not want to see it, it is beautiful but it is beautiful. The passenger's eyes are often falling in front of him in the room.

"This lady has come out alone with her husband in a quarrel with her husband, her husband's house in Kolkata, in Kolkata.

Seeing this lady coming alone, he followed a suit and came to the room and took a seat. None of the passenger general knows it. Glutton Gongsai Tagore does not even know. But we know that Scrut Professor Ramdas Gun This lady was the daughter of a slave girl who had a long relationship with Ramdas Gun. Because of this, the professor professor was in the room. The lady could not recognize him. | The unidentified lady of hand to hand the train to the station at Uluberia station. Speaking to them, the station has arrived and dropped, that will leave the train if it is late. The lady said, who are you? I do not know you - I do not know, you Why are you doing this unarmed? Unspecified Lacata said, Laxmi Sanaati did not do this. What will the passengers say all? It's not too late to move.

"The lady then shouted to the passengers and said," This person is not someone, but I am trying to take me out of the room by lying in my hand. "When a passenger does not just tell the stranger, he said," Who is you? " An unidentified person laughed one cheek, 'A' is my only wife, angry with me, saying that you do not mind. Tried to take the lady down and drag it down.

What prevented him from doing so much wrong doing the wrong? Actually no one else Kara do not want to stand in the Bigwood. All are very busy with themselves. Who lives in the dead? What is the benefit of keeping her news? Enough to survive. Is it just so in the society? Someone Do not live! If you are sitting in the role of an animist, you will see that this pain one day will come in the house of everyone in your life. | Do not stand beside your own neighboring side Do not stand When that danger comes one day after each of them will come.

Then you will remember. All of us will hold the wrong hands of wrongdoing in order to withstand this evil face. Just behind the good clothes, the man said to him, the man said to him, whose value is the zodiac?

Pateuk Goshthi Thakur is thinking of just sitting in the bite of conscience, the hero is thinking that the head lowers to the weak, but the person who raises his head to the stomach - gets scared against his wrongdoing. He is called brave. I'm not really heroic cowardly cowardly.

| Professor Ramdas Gunattoo, a professor of ghosts, looked at Goksai Tagore and said, "I am Ramdas Guna, You do not recognize me .. That is not the crime of the TEM, but the crime is mine. Still, when you get to Bagnan station, take down that girl too. And remember these words, in the state or society, which will be considered wrong, the voice of TEMA will be said to you? If there are many dangers in it, then take it out of your head to get it. One day you will see that danger will be the friend of TEMA. Then we will see that the world has become the potters' head of the world.

Professor has died many days ago, forgot forgotten, who has gone ahead from the moving train, who has gone ahead to bow down to the feet of Professor Gothi Thakur.

All passengers on the train, including the fatigues, Gauti Thakur, looked surprised at the way they were traveling on the way, and everyone's head was shocked.

Author : Tara kumar bhattacharyya
Date : 2019-07-13 17:14:08

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