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Ghost house

A thin rupture like a stomach has gone down the narrow river. | Far beyond

Harianpur Gaan on the east bank of river This house does not live more than fifty houses. But only a hundred years ago, that the population of Hiranpur was much more and more prosperous, it is understandable that in the Puranas, the ruins of the big chambers of Purana are seen.

| One such house is the house of the royal gardens The house is in double bed Shedkhat Land in front of the wall surrounded by a low wall in front. Those land-jhape and weeds in the jungle! Actually the land of the judgment was called compound. | Around 90 years ago, the epic Kala-azar appeared in Hiranpur. Many people were killed in that. Many people escaped leaving the village. Those who escaped did not return. Rayad's garden house is also lonely. In this nine hundred years of age, no one has ever lived. The whole house is covered with a thick forest. It is not known today as a villa. . About eighty years ago At a late night in summer, Bhattacharya was unstable in the heat of the bed, leaving the bed and his house outside the house for the sake of the claim of the land. The garden of the Royce is almost in front of his house - in a different direction. Suddenly, the sound of laughter is loud in his ears.

There was no doubt about that, he came in from.

Talk to Hu-Hoo in the talk. People of Saran Hiranpur immediately agreed that yes, there are ghosts in that garden. But a young boy, whose name was grappled, said, "E. The number of cannabis. Rakhal Jetha Hokkoka is in the heart of breath .... | But the next night, when Giphen heard the sound of the laugh, then his face. There was no talk with me. Then many people heard the loud voice of the night ... Some people also heard the cry of crying. Whoever is merciless. What a deep pain-pain does not bring pain in the tears.

There is no doubt about the whole of Hiranpur's Leek. No one else like graphene Mocked by the fact that the amount of weeds! Such is the Junk hukko or cannabis. | Intoxicated

Since then there is no one in the trilogy of the garden. Many people used to walk through the streets of the dark days and in the neighborhood, even before the dawn approached, the face-to-face became popular. It was exactly like this for eighty-eight years.

After eighty years, today the situation has stirred up the issue with the issue of Harihanpur village.

Ajoy, son of Suresh Chakravarti of Hiranpur, studied in college from Kolkata. One of his friends Shyampad, one day, can hear from the words of Ajay to know the horror of the judiciary in the garden. There is a shyampad in the Moradanga Rand in Bornagar. Everyone called Takshama. Eat lots of food, eat stories, read books, sport, and chat with friends. Apart from this, he has another mind. That is the adventure favorite mind. If there is any sign of mystery, then it will run away behind the mystery. She is not punished until the solution is solved. So when he heard about the gardening of Hiranpur, he decided to go to Hironpur and tie it with the ghost. | Ajay warned him repeatedly, well thought out, A,

But it is not a matter of melancholy. What I am saying is very true. I heard that laughing sound = I heard myself.

Shy smile and smile said, I said it in lieu of it. I heard the story of ghosts, ghosts, from the chatebella. I want to see the creature

Bahudine. So I want to go to Hiranpur.

Shyamol, another friend of Au and Shyam Shyamolo is the son of Shyama's character. When he received the story of Advibrabha, his heart became agitated. Shayama went to Shyamol, to go to diamonds. Shyamola also jumped out. She will also go with her. She wants to show her shame.

Shyamapad and Shyamol - After knowing the purpose of their arrival in Hiranpur, after a long time, the villagers were awake. Many of the elderly people who forbid them and asked them to stop continuously to progress in this regard. On the other hand, the groom's son became very encouraged. Somebody thundered Andrila, said the work, leaving the house there? We will break down the whistle! Make the fields and cultivate potato there.

The elderly said, do fathers do the work to scream? Stay there as well. They are not doing any harm to Aman?

The girls raised their eyes on their forehead and said, 'No, no, do not give me the place, and do not place those words! They themselves are self-hearted! There is no room in their wrists!

An old woman said, 'Oh boy, you have come to visit Ajay's friend, from Calcutta - Eat and give, roam - Joy of two days, the son of the house again go back to the house. Why not just want to push the whistle! What is to say is what it is. In the end of the life is not tantatani! And do not go home, father! Hey Ajay, I tell you, Shain, all the colors of the colony, make a pooja for them with a pair of bamboo, they can be satisfied if they leave the house!

| Ajay said, you will laugh, you will worship Ba'la in the ghostly spirit of Shakti!

| Shyamol and Shama remained steadfast in their decision despite the restrictions and restrictions of so many people. They decided, stay today, they will go to the house of ghosts last night. They do not want to go to Ajay with them. Because he was kind of a boy of nature, and neither was weird and shy. Ajay's face will go away twice, but said Salalata was not sincere. Ajayake on her

His parents' objection to leave. Shyamol said that, he does not need to go with us, that's the one who is scary, and with a chandra bolt shot. Do not worry about it - let's see we're right back. This is what their shanna, what happened

Is the hall. | The next morning, after eating tea and biscuits, Ajay used to show his friends to the village. At first they went to the garden garden of the royal court. Turn around the house and look around. Then the village school, playground, Shivmandir, Kali Mandir, Mother winter, Sidha river like scapepad, it was not too long to see. Because the size of the village is not big, but if you see the chatei. There is everything in a little space. Within two hours they returned home after seeing all. It did not take them two hours to see unity - but talking to him on the way, introducing friends with him - it was a long time. | The house was worn back, potato chaschari, and made from cow's milk milk, it was well filled with three sandals. Then they began to swoon over the baron that sat on the barracket, but they did not have them. Unknow did not come and gave them the force - Kire, if you are sitting with Caran, then the patey hunger will be satisfied? When the barata has played - do not want to do it, will not have to eat, how? Get up, earn income - I have finished cooking.

Ajay said, Mother, please be a little bit, this game is over ..., mother said, no, it does not have to end, do not get up, so that she made pillars with her hands.

| Three of them then laughing and laughing out loudly. After finishing the night at the end of the meal, Shyamal and Shyama, both of them got out of the gate and entered into the villa of the raiyad. Both of them have one more item in Shyamsa, two trucks of five hundred. That's a revolver. The weapon has brought a special case from Kolkata to Laik.

Five houses in the house. There are three houses in Davec, two houses in the lower house, one house in the lower house is bigger in width in length. It is better to call it a house because it does not have a house. When it is a garden house, it seems as if the house of music is sitting in the house.

In the first place, they looked around and looked down at all the bottom. The janaladarajagulaya spoiled everything in the wipe. There is also a wi in the karhiga. Her

Thousands of years old, dusty, dirty clothes, dirt from the outside, and the leaves of the trees in the dry tree, etc., when the floor is not present, but it seems to be a ghost house.

After collecting two forested trees from the compound, they cleaned up a room on the bottom floor and they spread on the mat. Shyamol said, the happiness of the family, the happiness of the bedroom, the night of this Nangra Parebari Bari

Laying on the mat, you have to take off? .: Shema brought the body over the mat and said, writing all the rules. | As the night grew, their conversations began to decrease. Very rarely they started talking, and whichever way it started, it was very gentle - whispering.

| Nijazhoom villa They began to feel uneasy by the sarcasm of mosquitoes and shouting shouting. Occasionally shialashekahua, sometimes dog barking bark, nostrils, and a little bit of shouting of nishatcha birds - all of which have created a very romantic climate.

Sometimes they were looking at the clock. Once upon a time, it was ten minutes to watch the night. Shortly after this, both of them got cheated in the next house. The ears became too steep in their ears. Understand that, the word is the word of the foot. Who came again and night in the house?

Shyamol jokes, said the ghost or ray? Shyama said, the dome of his!

- The ghost or the dome will go, and the matter will be seen. So late at night Who came to the house of Pareabhabari?

It's going to look like this. Pressing the foot, pressing earnings, very carefully sound. | Not to be.

Both of them took the torch. The rest of the weevil, the torch in the left hand, the revolver in the right arm.

They were surprised to look outside the verandah and look at the house nearby. House | Smile in between At the door, peeking at the door, a lantern on the floor of the house was lit by a TT, and in the middle of an old time some dry leaves and cushioned teeth were being pressed. There is a fountain made of two or three bricks, and there is a kalimakha Nangra Ratchi basana in the old days on those weeds.

Shyam Shyamola understood, the aged agedly collected. And they also assumed that there would be someone who is a beggar-bhikri-Tikri - that's where they eat, eat, eat at night. If Bhai Bhairhaye goes out again.

But why so late night, why are we going to begging in a remote village, just come back? | Shyam and Shyamol were outside and outside the house was found in the house. After getting the words of the people, Buraida turned back and looked back. Hey, what a terrible raga! There is nothing else in his body except the pimple. It does not seem to have life in the body. Although the body does not seem to have a life, his catarrhal eyes are twinkling with two abnormal lenses - like a fire. . | Seeing them, they started to bother with discomfort. If you can escape from the front of the old man. There is a burning desire in front of the eyes. * Shyamulake suddenly said to be the beeparaya, why are you looking at this? who are you? What are you doing here?

The old laughs out of the elbows. What an awful laugh! Quieting laughs and laughing. Then he said, are you afraid of eating food?

Shyama said, why would you fear? You are tiger and tiger! You are also human, | We humans too!

Man and people are also human! - Repeating the words of the old man, yes, yes, yes, the laughter began to laugh, and the word of laughter spread far beyond. This smile is not a common smile but it can not be said about the kind of smile.

The two of them were more like the surprise. And there was a lot of fear in this shock.

| I stopped laughing and said, Tameera sitting, I cooked up the food. How long have I not talked to the people! No, not the day - some years of the year!

Shyamol said, what is mad like mad?

The old laugh smiled again as the old man said, it sounds pretty good to hear the words. If you are a minor, you do not know much about the world. So it sounds good to hear the words Baeka Bakka.

| Shyamapadar bhagatri raghu ragi raye heard the agony of hearing but without expressing any anger, said another, why cook it so that night? Where were you so much, are you staying at home?

. Without giving any reply to these things, they started giving charcoal in the oven. Shyamal and Shyama also stood silent without any other words. Feeling fearful of them, how the discomfort took place.

After a while, the old man said, why are you standing, sitting in the sitting. The room is not big nuns? There is no broom.

Well, I'm working.

She said that Shyamol brought two forests and matura from the adjacent house. Shed a little space and spread the mat. The old woman also woke up in the meantime. Just like the pot on the oven was in the basana.

Shyamol asks the old man, what's in the pot? Without giving any answer, they began to laugh at their petty petals. - Crazy! - Shyamala said to her face near the ear. Looks like Taita.

In short, Shyama replied. Then asked the old man, Where is Tama?

Just a few moments without answering the agonyaprilayle. Then he said, this is my country, this is Hiranpur.

There is nothing in the house of TEMA. -There's a lot! Earlier there were booths, now there are tunic. -Why are there from this forest in the forest? He would be very serious and said, will you listen?


Sunabay Baqi Force.. The story of their old age is in short, it is like this

This is the place where today the judges are in this neighborhood, long ago there were bamboo, satin, weavers of cotton cloth, and beside him was Srim Majhi's hut. He has a 'patch' in his hand. Some call him or her in the middle legs. Till the next land, rice rice, paddy cut - this was his profession. In that case, new bottle feeding could go on and on.

Then one day, Roy's owner Harishankar Roy from Kolkata came to Haranpur to see the land for the garden. This land is his choice. But if you buy bamboo and beetle, except for the Chaddam majhi house, the size or appearance of the land becomes futile - if you build a garden and house, an angle will be broken, the garden will be broken and the beauty of the house will be broken. Besides, in the other direction, you will feel like a bad thing on such a shallow chapel on the beautiful body of a luxury near such a luxury house.

| So Harishankar Babu first came to Sridam to settle this issue. He suggested that he should give him a piece of straw, instead of taking it for money, he could buy it, or buy a piece of hut around Harishankar Babu, and make such a hut. Now Sridam's preference!

| Although there was nothing to object, Sridam objected that he would not leave his father-in-law and leave anywhere else. Still, Harishankar Roy tried to make him try different ways. But one of Sridam's words. He will never leave the soil here.

Hrishankar brought the daughter of two of the village's Ladak to Sridam Bhejhaba. Seeing the stubbornness of Sridam, a maternal grandfather said, "Look, so long as oil is given enough good words on his feet, even when we keep our word, then there is very sad to see on his forehead!

Suddenly, the two eyes of Sridam Majhi were burnt to death But there was nothing to do.

| Chadam got up and left the room. Harishankar Babu made a new dump for him in a very different direction. On the other hand, Sridam's father-in-law grands up the luxury building of Harishankar Roy.

Several years after the Kala-azar disease began in Hiranpur. He died in a lot of grave - Chidam Majhi died, his wife died.

So far, the old one stops. So much to hear Shyamal and Shyama It seemed that he was stopping in the stomach-then?


A little laughing at the old age. He laughed, but Chidam Majhi died, but he was not able to get his father-in-law Vitake. So, when the Rayas left, he came back and got hold of him in his old days Vitake. Where we are now sitting, it was at this place that his crib was just in this place.

I was suddenly agitated about how old I was, and the time for my departure was over.

Saying that the old woman was mixed with the wind. Outside, it started to bloom in a very dirty day.

Author : Tara kumar Bhattacharyya
Date : 2019-07-13 13:51:14

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