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Eat ghost wedding

Seven will be in the evening. The rainy season is raining. We gathered in the village Chandimandu Chandimandh is our chat room. Generally we spend time playing cards and pasha. I am new to master of school. Family Lizards are home to all the houses of Calcutta. During the day, the school and the students were cut off in some way, but they did not want to spend the night. So after the evening, we gathered four or five in Chandimand and spent time in rumors, rumors and sports. | My dormitory alongside Chandimandop I'm alone to say outside. All of the other teachers are local people. The villages of the two villages are located in this direction. After school holidays, they go to their home. So, forcing me to spend time in the Chandimandu crowds.

| After this evening, many more people gathered in my circle after this evening. All those who came, the villagers, the mother-in-law of the girl.

| On that day, Harry Chakoki said, "I do not like to play any more games today - let's do story-socks."

We all agreed to accept the Haruki Chakshotti one after the other.

Rareani Ghashalal asked to pull the hook, "Well, have you eaten an invitation to marry, that means, ate the marriage at home?"

This is a common question. We all ate the wedding gown.

"I can guess that everyone has eaten at the wedding - but I think you have eaten a wedding at the house of a ghost?" 3 We all look at each other when we hear the questions of the aged, no silence, for everyone, I answer: "We do not think so.

Kara ghost marriage is good luck to eat a lot of home. | Jong Wu. Caused to cough, said, "I am once a souza. It is not possible for you to believe such a thing. It is incredible, but it is true. "

We are surprised. Tarani said very few words in her old age, and she did not say it completely. | Hara-Chakoti said to us, "Although we do not believe in ghosts, when you say it, you can not think of it as an auspicious - okay, you serve your experience in today's show. | Tarani started talking about the experience of the old: "Long ago

Tha! Then I'm connected. I was very upset. Fear 'I did not know anything. I used to go there only one night in the night.

One day I received a letter of marriage. Marriage of a friend's grandfather. Even after being separated from the friend long ago, in addition to the letter of invitation, the friend wrote a letter to us: Since marriage is about five to six miles in the house - if I can go to Calcutta, but if I can get married at the right time! His personal and special feelings

It is not possible for me to go to Calcutta, and in addition, it is convenient for me to get married in the house from five to seven miles from our village. | But I lost the letter of marriage. It seems as though I have enough dates and places. It is not so much in Kolkata that you have to find out the number of the wedding home. The village that is getting married - will ask any kind of marriage in the village, simply by asking the wedding home.

But as far as the village is named Shimulti! Within five to seven miles, only two villages connected to the floor. Shimultoli and Kultoli. Shimulatli will be.

Therefore, only a few days before the evening - I came out for Shimtalali


I have visited many times in Kultoli, because the Kathlali Rath Mela is famous. - Chimuttali is not too far. But I have never been in Shimantuli before. But five

Seven miles can be easily traveled. I'm walking on the feet of the village boy Have habit. | After the path of dumaila, the river is in front of the river. - What is the shape of the river! Taking a knife around the water is not easy Passed out But during the rainy season - this river is a terrible form. This river. | That's why we do not have the zygazag with Shimulleti. | There is a grocery store in front of the river. Asked by Mudi. | I can say, "Which way will you go to Shimtalali?"

There is no leakage in the grocery stores, just sitting in the groceries seven-sunshine - Boundhayay | Make liquor.

After two calls, the response was received. What are you saying? -Will go to Shimtalali?

If you go by road one mile winds. The field is in the field It would be easy to go through. | All right, I'll go through the field. | The grocer showed the front field - Saaja with the field goes north - you will see a palate in the front, you will find the palate. If you go through the left side then you will see a big horse on the road - the horse will be bent right here from there, Most grocery stores are most likely to go Will the prisoner go home there? "


He will ask Bindhu and tell you all. This is the reason that the grocer is back in the twilight.

| I started moving in the direction of the granite. | But at the end of the field, it's time. But I could not find the pocket. I do not even think of a person who would ask him to marry her.

I saw a leek in the forest near the tree. The head cover is covered with a shadow under the tree, its face is well seen

No ...

I shout, "Who's there?" The lacata responds or replies - "I'm gonna be. Where are you from? "

From Rupchandpur . Will you go to the wedding?

-Yes. Come with me.

The lights continue before, I'm back behind. Think it sent me And the wedding that I will go home - or how do I know? Many questions come in the crowd. Does it have sent a wedding home?

Or have you sent it after reaching home from Kolkata with Ajay bahadri? But if I used to ride on the road, then where did I get it? Stretch or stairway has sent a leak.

- which has already reached home after getting married - then all my questions Can be resolved. Keeping in mind the questions of the mind, we continue to follow the light.

But the same! | Late way, the road to the forest is suddenly caught! The only way! Jabaparajara jahaparajara admission, what can people continue?

I am disturbed and ask the locator, "Why, why are you leaving the road, suddenly going through the jungle?"

| The lacente fee laughs and responds, "This is the way to get married to go home."

The way of the jungle, the locks continued on the way. I bothered and asked, "How far?"

After fixing the fee again, after fixing the house, showing a closed house = Answer: "That house married, can not see?" There is no lamp, no, how is he married again? Lacket robber and fate? Yet, I did not want to go back to Beeparaya, and I would not go back. The forehead on the forehead, but the end will be seen. Come closer to home -

I was shocked at the unknown horror. All the rest of the house, at home, many wedding guests ate dinner at ~~~~ But at such a wedding, I have never visited this house before.

I heard many strange melodrama coming near the bowl. | A lot of marriage is in the spirit of the chaai of the house. Hi there, ha ha, ho-ho! A majesty in front of the door stood, he said with his hand: Come in, please come to the mercy.

| What is the humorous avatar! Surely there is someone from the bridegroom. If you get close to Ajay, I will put a lot of abuses. This is the same thing as invite to the marriage ceremony and face the danger! Nevertheless, following Bhadralek, they entered inside.


| There is no room inside. Yet some of the characters are moving around and moving around. How busy is it A ghostly came near and whispered: You What is the democracy of Roopachandpur?

The pittance burns when asked questions.

I got burnt in oil and brinjal said: I am the man - why will I go to ghost?

She said in a tone of tears, "I do not know what to do!" Jamdo Bhutta again who was captured! That is the marriage of the ghost house. When it comes, why not eat anything and just let go back to your mouth? You have to go to the house of your marriage.

| Saying, I got some ghosts in the hands of meats, which stretches me, what is the drag? | Hey! If I could escape with my life! The son of Bamun,

Whichever pair started handing over the Gayatri mantra, then where did they knock? Ran away, I could not find the place. | At the end of the day, I got up and ran back in the middle of the night and ran home. After saying everything, after seeing my face and face, all of the guests were smiling, they were also very scared.

Now, on the face of each of us, Tarini ends her story, in front of everyone A smiling laugh started to laugh.

Author : Tara Kumar Bhattacharyya
Date : 2019-07-13 12:49:23

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