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More courage

In the middle of the field of Hetampur, in the middle of the Raza Varebela, the marks of the lorry appear to be from where this lari comes from, where no one can say.

The house of Panchu Mandal on one side of the field of Hetampur What are the collisions? In the middle of the night, the sound of the lorry is no more. Cheerleading cheerleading cheers, and after a while quietly shout. Where does the lorry come from, where it goes? Nobody can say.

But sometimes the lorries were buried in Hatampur field. | Hartampur Police Station Bara Darjega Bazlatran Chakraborty Mashi, has done many investigations on this, but could not trace Lori.

The lorry comes from the road and runs through the middle of the field, then the middle of the field and the lorry can not be found in the corners, the spots are also available.


Where lorita disappears from the middle of the field. | According to Chateo Darjega: It is not the cornerstone of the region or the region.


From above or from the other end of the planet Earth, go to the corner. If there is someone in the field and who goes to the ground, then go to him and crushed him - did he say? If the larii hands, why do not you have the spots from the middle ground?

Darjega said: "Because of this reason, I can not find the source of the word."

And if the lorry comes back from the middle of the road, the way back to the road will be there, why not? |

Chhat Darjeeling said, logically, pulling down the head, Darjega said with a tone: ... but ask the passengers to tell them.

Write down what you can see, write down the exact words.

, Baraybabu wrote the letter to the superintendent of the truth, with the opinion of Chattababur also.

After one week, the Superintendent of Police came to Himmatpur Police Station, and summoned the eldest son of the police station and Chhat Babu: Did you lose your head and neck?

The eldest boy asked the hair: why sir? -Hitampur's Mathleari wrote on the report of Accident? - We've got what we've investigated, so have written.

-Mundu wrote. Space Ship did not get any place, so to go to the field of Hetampur? Did you hear the idea of ??this spaceship?

'The eldest son swallowed me and said: When I could understand the head and neck of this, I did not know the marks of the wheels of the tree, from the one in the field to the middle of the field and then to the middle of the field, then disappeared, and there is no scandal in the corner. Then, Chatebabu said that from the space of Mahajan Deal When he went downstairs, his wheel was named after Lauri. | Let's see the place before, let me send Chateobabu to Rachi madal garad. * After hearing about the Superintendent of Police, Hetampur Chhat Darajgar became the face of Amasir.

But in the spot, the eyes of the Superintendent of Police became clear all over. It really is that the scar of Larry starts from the corner of the ground and ends in the middle of the field, then there is no scar, and there is no evidence of the laryata that has returned.

The Superintendent of Police asked Daraigah: Where did the body of Maqbool Mia found?

Before some time in the middle of the field, there is some blood in the lorry, there is also some blood, clotted blood.

The Superintendent of Police also saw the blood clothed, then asked the eldest son: What is the meaning of the past martort?

| Lorry wheel crushed, that was the cause of death, but before dying, she was afraid of the impossible, sir. The photo taken in the corpse has also been found - his eyes are full of explosions, and according to another expert - before being crushed by the wheelchair, Maqbool Mia died of heart attack.

What is said! Yes, sir.

The Superintendent of Police said to his father: "It's a galemeal. Chatta Daragabababura can not be blown away.

Moreover, it is not possible to explain scientific explanation in other parts of this incident. Sattatbabu heard from the superintendent of the Superintendent of SP

The big daraga head asked the police super: "Now ours. What is the duty, sir?

- How many people have died in the lorry so far? Hey Sir, over the past few years, seventy people

This is a very important thing. Everyday, the Amard Constable will camp in the field, let's see what happens? I have been staying in Dakbangla for a few days now, I will go back to the Sadar with a mentality. . - From now on, will you place a police picket, sir?

- Surely

So from that day, on the orders of the Superintendent of Police, Hetampur's ground poley pants were burnt down. Slowly in a tent Hajak lights are also arranged.

That night nothing happened at all, no sound was heard in the corner There was no shaking or shouting. . The next day, the new moon day. Police from Hetampur in the evening Appears in Tabu Hazak was burnt - four players were also playing the card game.

"The Superintendent of Police has instructed that if you see something, you will immediately shoot and you will not hesitate.

• Big baby was sleeping in a pretty nose in his quarters. The Superintendent of Police was sleeping in Dakbangla. At that time Kanteshal Ramphun came to the bank and cried. Called him, arise, rise up. Big baby, big baby

Big Bambu rammed into Rakhijon's head and asked, 'Chilata hai', 'Awitak night hai' - Haram made haram.

It was the destruction of my lord Uddhara. - Why?

Three of them were found in the tent, in the Tabu, with a laryi pajade. I went out to walk back and so I lived.

- All the khul kata kaya hua?

- Hosur night everything is right in the eleventh hour All the hearings are there

- Thy?

I've been playing the Hamburg card. There is only five minutes left for Saray Yaaram. Hummer got the tattoos, his hamlet and torch lay in the lake, and I did not catch a hitch, Tattivi sat down.

-What? I got the sound of a lyrica, the front headlight was loudly. - Thy?

- Multiplied speed v. I sat at the sitter and told them loudly - Lari Isla, run geli, run geli ..

Then what?

-Turning faring V. Then it was cheerful. Ham hurried to leave, the lorica driver focused on the cabin.

Hey, meet? -Hazore will go up to Vishwas. -What do you say by saying?

A skeletal sire in the driver's seat on the spotlight • Skeleton?

-Ha, Hujaur. A dark blue eyeshadow is in the eyes of the skeleton. Hussaur I could not take the ground. Hujoora turned his head away from the unconscious, when he got frightened, knowingly got the fee.


Then, after focusing on the glory of the torch, I went to the Tabu, went to see Hujeer, Tabu Chalpa, Hazak Litto vandalized Omar Hamra companion three men,

Ratan, Swapan Aronan Cheptahaiya are dead, gun vandukas are flaky and have been bhaianga. If he thinks that scene, he will get lost. I ran to Hami Chitit and I called her.

You're a bit bent, and to play the punk bell in the police station. - Jee, my lord.

Playing the punk bell in the police station. In the big Darjega, Chatta Darjega and Jeep, the first of the three men with Constable appeared in Helen Dak Bangla

The police called the superintendent and said everything. When he went to the spot, he found out that Kanteshal Ramphun did not raise a little. | Tabu, man, everything is flattened, vandalized, bloody. The logs of lorry wheels were not found in the hal, from the middle of the field and the spots on the wheels. The eyes of three dead constables were scary.

Later, a local meeting convened a meeting with the local police station and said that the case of Hetampur field was adjourned.

| It was informed through the study - So much of the people of Hetampur have died this way - they have died either on Saturday or Tuesday night. Either in the evening or near the night barater.

. Taru Mandal, father of Panchu Mandal, the oldest person in Himmatpur, said: "The incident can not be stopped at Hetampur ground by gunfight."

Police Super and why? It is a matter of fact that the lord is the master of arrogance. - What do you mean? -With the horizons And do not be swayed by balconies. -What?

I have been talking about a long time, my lord, then all things will happen to you.

- Tell me.

- Today, 30 years ago, a driver named Sadhanand Mandal, next to Hetampur, used to drive celery. One night on Saturday night the break was dropped due to the fall. The field of Hetampur was the hideout of the robbers.

-Then? - Lorry breaks, Sadanand Mandal Tare Lori Bags, with the accessories

At Hathampur's field, the robbers beat him and beat him, according to him. Lori brizatite lootata lapsata broken and broken who knows who knows? There was no police station in Hetampur.

-Then? From then on every Saturday and Tuesday night the arrival of Laurie in the field of Hetampur and if someone comes to the field at that time, he does not live in life. Thirty years The same game that is in the rookie lorry. The Superintendent of Police asked: How can it be done Mandla Mister?

- It seems to me that from the public or from the public, if someone comes from the pandemic in the name of Sadanand Mandal, then it can stop the ghost of Larry. Otherwise it would be possible to stop the ghosts of lorry


The Superintendent of the Superintendent said: "We have arranged the pandadan in the name of Sadanand Mondal from the police."

After that, the incident is very short, on behalf of the policeman Darjega, and a descendant of the dead Sadanand Mandal, went to Gaia at the police station and named it Sadanand Mandal.

| And the needless to say - Lauri did not even get screwed in the field at Hetampur grounds and in the corners of the night. | The spooky lorry wheels were never seen again in Hetampur field.

Author : Tara Kumar Bhattacharya
Date : 2019-07-13 09:52:21

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